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About the API

API Location

The base URL that you will be communicating with is: https://api.whenhub.com/api/

HTTP Verbs

The WhenHub API is RESTful, and therefore only uses five HTTP verbs: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH & DELETE.




Retrieves information


Creates information


Updates existing information


Removes information

If you want to read or recieve information (e.g. get a user's schedules) from the API, you will want to specify it as a GET request. If you are looking to create new information, (e.g. create a schedule/create an event) you will want to use a POST request. PUT and PATCH both update information, but differ slightly. If you want to replace a resource in it's entirety, use PUT, if you only want to replace a part of a resource, use PATCH. Lastly, there's DELETE which of course, deletes information. In both the WhenHub API Reference and and the more in depth WhenHubExplorer pages, we have specified which verb should be used.

WhenHub API Reference

The WhenHub API Reference will help you learn how to communicate with the WhenHub API. Required parameters, endpoint URLs, and descriptions are all located here. You can even use the API right from the page and see the responses. Just make sure you have your Access Token handy.

WhenHub API Explorer

To take a more in depth look at the different functionalities of our API, check out the WhenHub API Explorer. Here, you can see all of the calls available for you to use as well as example responses. All you need is your WhenHub access token from your WhenHub account to see it in action!

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About the API

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